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St. Augustine High School Football Coach Brian Braddock announces Spring 2016 Player Awards

On the eve of the 2016 Spring football game Tuesday night (5/17), St. Augustine High School Yellow Jackets Football Coach Brian Braddock announced the recipients of the Spring Pursue Excellence Awards.  15 players received the recognition on the varsity football team.  Quarterback Austin Reed (#14) received the Academic Excellence award for having the highest GPA of all players on the team.  Congratulations to Austin and all of his Jackets award recipients in their Pursuit of Excellence. #PursueExcellence

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2016 SAHS Pursue Excellence Award Winners

Austin earns top grades on his first High School report card for the 1st quarter:

We are vey proud of Austin Reed’s success on the sports field, but even more proud of him for achieving 6 – A’s and 1 – B in the Honor’s program at St. Augustine High School on his first report card of his high school academic career.  All of this was achieved while participating in the Junior Varsity football program, heavily participating in Church volunteer opportunities, strength training outside of school, and being a kid.  Great job!

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1st quarter freshman year report card for Austin Reed

Austin Reed graduates top in his class at Sebastian Middle School

With the start of the Summer and the beginning of Summer football workouts for Austin Reed at St. Augustine High School, we would like to congratulate Austin on a superb year of school, and an outstanding student career at Sebastian Middle School.  This school year Austin graduated top in grades in his class earning straight “A’s” in all four quarters in his honors program of the 8th grade school year.  No other student in the grade accomplished this mark, as it is the second school year in three years Austin has earned all “A’s”.  Austin was also voted Most Athletic in the school by his 8th grade peers.  Austin will be starting the honors program at St. Augustine High School in the Fall, already earning three high school credits prior to starting the school.

Austin Reed acheives a perfect report card for the second quarter of his 8th grade Middle School grading period

We are very proud to announce that Austin Reed, former quarterback for the Sebastian Middle School Eagles football team, earned a perfect report card on his mid-term grading period in 8th grade.  He earned the perfect straight “A’s” mark for the second straight quarter earning his grades in two advanced classes and two high school honors classes.  He has now earned straight “A’s” in 8 out of 10 quarters to date as a Middle School student, included a perfect year in 6th grade.

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2nd quarter report card for Austin Reed, 8th grade at Sebastian Middle School in St. Augustine

Austin Reed excels off the playing field for the National Junior Honor Society

This past week, Austin Reed displayed leadership and success off the playing field by participating in the Sebastian Middle School National Junior Honor Society’s 2013 new member induction ceremony held at the school.  Being a returning Honor Society member for his 8th grade year, Austin presented an essay on Scholarship to the 11 new inductees.  Holding a perfect 4.0 GPA this semester and carrying an “A” average in the school’s honors program through his 3rd year at the school, Austin’s has displayed leadership at the school as an excellent scholar and scholar athlete with his youth sports programs.  The following video is Austin presenting his essay to the new inductee’s.

Austin Reed earns National Junior Honor Society membership to the Sebastian Middle School (St. Augustine) Chapter

On Tuesday evening, October 9th, Austin Reed was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society, Sebastian Middle School Chapter (St. Augustine, FL).  Austin qualified for membership to this Society based on his GPA, recommendations by his teachers, and his community involvement.  Bringing a perfect 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) into the Society, Austin looks forward to serving his school, community and family in the five pillars of: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Citizenship and Character.  Congratulations Austin!

Austin Reed football, National Junior Honor Society

Austin Reed receives entry into the National Junior Honor Society